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coolio is not happy with v copying his hair

Anonymous: How do you pronounce bts's names?

most of them are pronounced how they are spelled in english… I tried my best, but sorry if I didn’t help much ㅠㅠ 

stage name: 진 (jin [jeen]) real full name: 김석진 (kim seokjin [gim seokjeen])
stage name: 슈가 (suga [shoogah]) real full name: 민윤기 (min yoongi [meen yoongi])
stage name: 랩몬스터 (rap monster [rap monster]) real full name: 김남준 (kim namjoon [gim nahmjoon])
stage name: 제이홉 (j-hope [j-hope]) real full name: 정호석 (jung hoseok [jeong hoseok])
stage name: 지민 (jimin [jeemeen]) real full name: 박지민 (park jimin [bak jeemeen])
stage name: 뷔 (v [vee, bui, or bwi]) real full name: 김태형 (kim taehyung [gim tehhyeong])
stage name: 정국 (jungkook [jeonggook]) real full name: 전정국 (jeon jungkook [jeon jeonggook])

hip hop?

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v enjoying a can of refreshing cola

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