Anonymous: Jungkook looked like he was gonna cry when talkin about iris

ahh I know right? iris seems like such a genuine person. she was so caring and praised all of them ;A;

Teacher Iris is jjang. She gives us so much love.

Anonymous: what does 防彈少年團 mean?? could you tag the ask as ''bom''? thank you

pretty sure it’s just bulletproof boyscouts (방탄소년단) in chinese. please correct me if I’m wrong ㅠㅠ

Anonymous: can you link me to American hustle life pt. 5 in English?

do you mean episode five with english subtitles? just be patient and wait for bts-trans to finish subbing it. they’ll post it on their tumblr when they’re done, so don’t ask me and check their tumblr for updates! here :)

you’re in danger right now, why are you testing me?

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v trying to be seductive biting himself